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16 April 2020

This ever changing world

Dear everyone,

our newsletter aim was and is usually to update you about our activities, as well as sharing some expertise with those of you who are passionate about the turning industry.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the last Italian Decree, most companies throughout Italy had to close for several weeks. As you may have read in our last newsletter this applied to A&B, too.

This extreme situation we are all facing is a big challenge – it has forced all of us to reconsider our priorities, changing habits and working patterns.

But here we are, back on truck. Some of our clients serve the medical and food industry, therefore the Public Authorities have given us permission to keep manufacture in order not to stop the supply chain.

A&B‘s priorities are still the same – delivering good quality products with special care to the safety of our clients, partners and employees keeping the law inside our factory, for everyone’s sake.

This newsletter should have been about a 100% optical control machine. We acquired it lately to carry on 100% automatic control checks on our parts. But I guess we will cover this in our next newsletter, hoping this whole situation gets better – meanwhile – Stay safe, stay healthy.