ECOBRASS®: 974.00 €/q BRASS: 7250.0 €/t


The most processed brass alloys in our company are CW603N, the high machinability brass par excellence within the American market, perfect for the production of screws and components in general and for any high-speed mechanical processing; the widespread CW614N and CW617N used for in taps, accessories, terminal blocks and components in general; the lead-free alloys which demand is ever-growing, like CW724R released for the drinking water systems with its high and excellent resistance to intracrystalline corrosion and dezincification; alloys with low lead content, such as CW510L and CW511L whit their nearly complete absence of lead content (respectively <0.1% and <0.2%) ranks them within the “Positive List” of 4MS used for parts that come into contact with drinking water.

Brass families

Standard and corrosion-proof alloys

  • CW604N
  • CW600N
  • CW601N
  • CW606N
  • CW608N
  • CW603N
  • CW612N
  • CW617N
  • CW614N
  • CW624N
  • CW602N
  • CW617N

Low lead alloys

  • CW710R
  • CW713R
  • CW724R
  • CW510L
  • CW509L
  • CW511L