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Turning company: automatic precision turning

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Assembled parts



Multi-spindle mechanical turning



CNC multi-spindle turning

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Single-spindle CNC sliding headstock turning



Mechanical multi-spindle turning


Stainless steel

CNC single-spindle turning sliding headstock







automatic lathes


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Dynamism, experience and passion for turning

As specialized turning company and manufacturer in outsourcing of high run precision metal components, we develop and manufacture high-precision mechanical components based on customer’s technical drawings in materials like: brass, steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and nickel silver. Our turning corporation operates into the B2B market on a global scale allowing us to supply some of the most prestigious turning companies within the field, thanks to our business structure, our highly qualified technical staff and a strong entrepreneurial drive, A&B Team faces new challenges and projects on a daily basis.

Our two production plants are the key role players in this process: A&B Torneria Automatica Italia, with its headquarters and production plant in Italy and A&B Polska, with its subsidiary plant based in Poland.



Technical support, turning, quality control, washing, assembly and packing.



Galvanic protection treatments, surface treatments, heat treatments and other services.


Processed materials

Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, steel.


Sector of application

Housing and Industrial, Automotive & Transportation, Safety and control, Medical, Sports and leisure.

A&B Torneria automatica: the production sites in Italy and Poland

Two are the production sites of A&B torneria – the first founded in 1997 in Italy, and the second one of recent acquisition, in Poland. Our turning company stands out for its inclination in taking on new challenges and for its extensive research into the development of new solutions for more efficient production processes.

Thanks to the strategic location of our headquarters in Brescia, close to our suppliers, we can offer great versatility within procurement. The R&D department, also located at our headquarters, allows us to develop more efficient cnc manufacturing solutions and to take on new challenges.

Besides the headquarters in Brescia, there is the Polish manufacturing plant of our turning company, located in a strategic location too, in the heart of Eastern Europe.

Our turning service is aimed at many different sectors: from the Housing and Industrial sector, to the Transportation one, with application in the Automotive, Electronics and Dentistry delivering specific components for different products and assemblies.

The structural and operational organization of the machining company A&B, are aimed at a continuous improvement of the Quality, Safety standards and Environmental protection.

Our management system fulfills UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements enabling us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, health protection and safety in each and every department of A&B turning supply company.

Mechanical turning

A&B Torneria performs, in Italy ed Europe, different turning manufacturing operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials required in many fields: hardware fasteners, tooling, hydraulic, chemical and petrochemical industry, precision mechanics, etc.

We are able to provide support during the design phase.

The machinery of our precision turning company has several refurbished and next generation machines and equipment, with mechanical multi spindle lathes, CN and CN machines with sliding and fixed headstock.

In particular, our multi spindle lathes allow us to produce high volumes of complex turned components, customized for several fields of application.

Automatic turning cnc company

The production process of A&B Torneria involves the use of state-of-the-art equipment with automatic in-line control checks, grinding machinery, standardized or ultrasonic final washing and automated packaging line or with the supervision of an operator, depending on the requirements of each production.

We can carry out different kinds of mechanical precision machining, to make samples and series production and in addition, taking care of the assembly of various turning components too.

The main headquarters of our precision turning cnc company is located in Brescia, reference point for the Italian market. Our production plant in Poland guarantees rapid service all over Europe.