ECOBRASS®: 977.00 €/q BRASS: 7290.0 €/t


A&B Torneria produces fittings, fixed and mobile bodies, threaded terminals, control rods, shutters and headworks that can be found inside ball and control valves, flexible pipes, shutter valves and knurled nuts for liquid drainage systems within the surgical unit; threaded bodies, threaded inserts and fittings, control rods, valves for pressure gauges, pressure regulators, flow meters, control and regulation valves for coils, compressors, flow meters, pressure switches, pressure regulators and in the conveyance of medical gases; bodies, fittings and ferrules for incubators, sterilizers and electro-medical devices used in the nursing field; implants for prostheses used in the orthopedic field; terminals and threaded inserts used in dental implantology and dental instruments.