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16 May 2020

100% optical selection

It has been a challenging month, but we are glad to be back to work. Right after Easter A&B reopened its production to support our clients in the health product and other crucial supply chain.

Aside from internal quality procedures, automatic selection is a key factor when it comes for such precise components. Lately we have acquired an automatic quality control optical machine to carry out 100% control checks on critical dimensions, thread presence, chips and burrs detection.

New RoHS directive aiming to a higher environmental responsibility increased the demand for low-lead brass alloys. This particular alloy – comparing to regular brass alloys – creates more chips and burrs during the turning process. Components selection and check are mostly carried out manually by an operator which can check up to 80 pieces per hour – depending on the part geometry as well.

These automatic machines can meet the most demanding PPM levels, selecting bigger quantities than an operator could manually – including 360° rotation to improve the overall quality of the process.

Vibrating screens are normally used to move parts from the turning station to the optical machine making it a less versatile way to handle different parts. In order to satisfy A&B client’s, it has been decided to replace such system with robotic arms that pick up all sort of parts different in geometry and size. A more versatile and time effective solution that meets our most demanding clients’ quality criteria.

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