ECOBRASS®: 977.00 €/q BRASS: 7290.0 €/t

Automotive & Transportation

A&B Torneria makes numerous turned components for the Automotive & Transportation sector. A great number of turned components can be found inside public and private transportation means which are part of fixing and break systems, gearbox, engine, wheels and suspensions where we can find an internally threaded knurled insert, bearings and threaded fittings, different kinds of fittings, inserts, connectors, threaded bodies, shafts, brass bearings, fixing pins, shutter pins, hose fittings and connectors, pinions, fixed plunger, ferrules, tige, knurled inserts and threaded nuts which are inside several different assemblies: HVAC, temperature sensors, pressure switch, airbags, electrical box, ABS box, power transmission, braking system, suspension, hose, diesel injectors, gas injectors, petrol injectors, multijet, lpg, methane, spark plug, differential gear, steering unit, turbo, GPS, pistons, accessories, ball bearings, car plugs for electric cars, power steering and others.

Cars and commercial vehicles