ECOBRASS®: 994.00 €/q BRASS: 7300.0 €/t

Sport and leisure

A&B Torneria manufactures various turned components for the Sports and Leisure sector and which can be found as part of several products designed for mountain climbing, camping, cycling and motorcycling, used in cosmetics, musical instruments, diving, football, in target shooting: screws, washers, hubs, ring nuts, shutter pins, bushings, spark plugs, pins, clutch shafts, rods, valve bodies, fittings, threaded terminals and ferrules, components assembled inside fasteners and snap hooks/carabiners, camping cookers, accessories, wheels, steering suspension, ignitions, carburetors, hubs, inflation valves, braking, injection and transmission systems, flexible hoses, cylinders, wind instruments, string instruments, roll-ons, perfume nozzles and others.