ECOBRASS®: 977.00 €/q BRASS: 7290.0 €/t

Housing and Industrial

A&B Torneria produces loads of turned components for the Housing and Industrial sector. Inside every building, industry, home, household appliance, electrical product, electronics, hardware, tool, plumbing, heating, mechanical product, or in areas such as pneumatics, petrochemicals, in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, there are turned parts such as fittings, nipples, cylindrical and knurled connectors, quick and threaded couplings are to be found inside many products such as: manifolds, wall taps, taps with ball valves mechanism, cartridges, headworks, ceramic heads, bathroom and kitchen pop-up waste, flexible pipes, copper pipes, mixer, aerator, tamper-proof aerator, jet breaker, articulated shower heads, container, diverter, flow reducer, anti-limescale, economizers, latches, Pex, multilayer and Ppr pipes, radiator valves, thermostat, boiler burner, safety sensors, pressure gauge, pressure switch, solar and photovoltaic panelscells, heat pump, splitter, air diffuser, water heater, solenoid valves, air regulators, AC power plugs and sockets, connectors and inserts for power plants, transformer room and switchboard, electric panels on machines, switches, sockets, controls, power supply industrial machinery and lubrication, electric heaters, irrigation systems, wall and ceiling lamps, spotlights, ceiling fans and more.



Home Appliances



Plumbing and Heating




Refrigeration and Conditioning