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Quality and Certifications

The basic principles underlying A&B Torneria Automatica s.r.l. are part of an integrated management system policy merger of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system. For over twenty years A&B Torneria has established its business practice certifying and managing an organizational model according to ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

Download the A&B Torneria and A&B Torneria Polska Certifications

With the aim of supplying our Clients with products that are compliant to existing standards and norms
and efficiently satisfy their production needs, A&B Torneria Automatica and A&B Torneria Polska
guarantee an accurate quality control over the entire production chain.


Incoming raw material acceptance

Incoming raw material undergoes random dimensional checks and the batch is created for traceability purposes throughout the entire chain.

In-line checks

Control desks all-over the production site, automatic optical machines for measurements on external dimensions; calipers, altimeters and intertests connected to the network for a complete check of the entire cycle. Our ERP-system allows, identifies and traces all measurements made by operators. Dimensional checks are carried out every two hours with the possibility to request statistical analysis through X-R cards and custom verified cycles.



Lab checks

Mitutoyo optical machines, roundness testers, probe and Zeiss profilometer to complete the in-line checks procedure. Digital and manual zooming and Zeiss roughness testers for surface checks. QDAS Software to monitor production and guarantee a PPM level of 2700.

100% check

Optical machines for components check that reach a PPM level <50.



Incoming checks on external processes

Inspections are carried out on incoming goods using AQL sampling schemes.

Random checks

One-off checks of chemical composition of materials performed by external labs.