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17 May 2021

Quality and ISO Certification

With this year’s ISO 9001:2015 , 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certification renewal we take the chance to remind our clients how our commitment in the supply of products that are compliant to current regulations goes beyond ISO certifications aiming to provide accurate quality checks along the whole production and supply chain within a healthy, safe and sustainable environment for all.

With its guaranteed traceability throughout the production chain, purchased raw material undergoes random inspections on outer dimensions.

In-line checks are made in several locations inside the manufacturing plants with optical machines for automatic measurements to complete the control cycle . The ERP system keeps track of all measurements made by operators while inspections on produced components are carried out every two hours. Statistical analysis through X-R cards and customized verification cycles are available upon request.

Laboratory checks are made with Mitutoyo optical machines, roundness testers, Zeiss profilometers for surface verification while with QDAS software A&B Italy and Polska guarantee a PPM level of 2700.

The chemical composition of materials is checked by external laboratories and AQL sampling schemes are used for incoming goods inspection.

Last but not least, upon request A&B offers 100% quality inspected components sorted by optical machines reaching a PPM level below 50.

This is quality as seen by us, do you want to find out more?

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