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9 June 2021

A letter from our youth

We’d like to share with you what we’ve just read in a thank you letter we have recently received from Futura Volley Team – a young, local, non-profit and determined young volley team we started sponsoring last year.

Futura wrote about this past sport season – a very weird one, extremely hard to manage. The team, like all of us, has suffered from the consequences of this Covid-19 pandemic: numerous season suspensions, restrictions, messed up calendars and hierarchies which came between the team and its goals, blocking de facto its way towards the ambitious goals set for this second year in the championship Serie A2 – the second highest professional women’s volleyball league in Italy.
It isn’t hard to relate as this crisis has had a deep impact on each of us, in both our private and work life, forcing us to take a fresh look at how we relate to other people.

We firmly believe that playing sports provides our youth with opportunities to develop precious skills in team building, communication, problem solving and quick decision making – all traits that more than ever are necessary to prepare our children for the future, to become great leaders and survive any situation with partnership, kindness and patience – sports can teach us all.

Despite Covid, Futura never gave up and kept training, focusing on its girls’ well-being and health. So, best of luck to Futura Volley for the next season and to all of you, too.

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