ECOBRASS®: 1,054.00 €/q BRASS: 7570.0 €/t

28 September 2017

Preparation and handling of high-precision turned parts

Developing a good procedure for order preparation has a positive impact not only on company’s efficiency but also on the level of service provided to the customer in terms of technical competence, reliability and promptness. Our qualified staff takes care of every processing to be performed, from the acceptance of raw materials to the delivery of the turned parts, with the aim of ensuring a product compliant with customers’ expectations. We don’t have a catalogue, therefore it is necessary to analyze the concrete realization from a technical and production perspective while guaranteeing a punctual order execution is required in order to face an even more selective and demanding B2B target operating in the sector of turned components.

In order to deal with the biggest global market challenges and process orders efficiently, A&B Group invested in a cassette handling machine that can automatically arrange the handling, traceability and storage of high-precision turned parts by reducing the risk from manual handling activities considerably. The main function consists in cassettes containing turned parts to be picked up from a metal washing machine and to be emptied into containers afterwards. Cassettes, being transported on roller conveyors, are identified thanks to bar codes situated on each lid. Instead, cassettes containing turned components that do not comply with our standards requirements and/or we have been producing for the first time, are to be released into the operator position for a manual control and selection up to 100%.