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28 July 2017

Brass turned inserts for sanitary and plumbing industry: how to achieve qualitatively high turned components thanks to the efficiency of multispindle automatic lathes

As a subcontractor operating in the engineering industry, we are specialized in the development and supply of high-precision turned components. We compete in the B2B market segmentation at a global level, where small turned parts are required, but we also move forward to undertake new challenges thanks to the following factors: highly qualified technical staff, strong business initiative and the strategic location of our two production facilities, i.e. the headquarters located in Italy and the affiliated one in Poland.


Developing further the productivity and competitiveness in the sector of high-precision turned components is our utmost requirement. Being a third-party company allows us, with an appropriate production structure, to deal with the demands applicable to various product markets. We produce brass turned parts for co-printed inserts to be used in water systems. The knowledge acquired by providing the most important inserts’ consumers enabled us to develop a component with variable dimensions according to the customer’s requirements that is able to match the best technical properties, thus realizing a customized profile towards optimized performance on multispindle automatic lathes.

The add values of our inserts are as follows:

  • The materials used for the production of brass turned inserts are of European origin, especially Germany and Italy
  • Selection of a brass alloy compliant with the current Drinking Water Directive, called “UBA List”, starting from drawn bars to be annealed afterwards in order to enhance their mechanical properties while achieving turned components specifically designed for optimal performance
  • Optimized framework of the brass turned inserts with the aim of reducing the incidence of the raw material and thus increasing productivity
  • Turned components improved on their external geometry following the inserts available on the market
  • Brass turned inserts boasting higher leaking and torsional resistance
  • Elasticity of the internal diameter of turned components during the forging process

In order to evaluate the performance of our brass turned inserts we carried out a forging test by determining leakage and torsion parameters.

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