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15 November 2017

Company policy being pursued by a&b group as a custom manufacturer of screw machined products and turned parts: quality, environment and occupational health and safety

The company, specialized in the production of screw machined products and turned parts, has been constantly involving in the management of business guidelines, especially the organizational and operational plan consists in the continuous improvement and maintenance of the quality, safety and environment as the principal objective to be set.

According to theManagement System adopted, in terms of the requirements specified in UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, the A & B Group hereby intends to express its commitment to:

  • Customer satisfaction as ourprimary goal: we have a qualified staff who takes care of every stage of processing, from raw material’s acceptance up to delivery of screw machined products and turned parts to be applied in a wide range of sectors. We produce high-precision turned components while offering various services such as additional mechanical machining; protective, galvanic and surface treatments and assembly of components in order to meet our customers’ expectations. We pursue a business-oriented approach to the supply of high-precision turned components in large volumes with the aim of reducing the economic setup incidence, thus optimizing strategic assets in terms of flexibility and productivity in order to enhance greater customization opportunities and to guarantee a production in line with the required timings.
  • Peaceful and cooperative climate in all departments: our mission consists in boosting the cooperation, skills and motivations of our staff, thus constantly improving the performance of our multi-spindle automatic lathes as our main production technology and regularly providing screw machined products and turned parts compliant with the technical specifications.
  • Workplace Health & Safety: A&B Group is fully aware of the importance to be attributed to workforce awareness by implementing systematic training programs with corrective actions to avoid risks during production of screw machined products and turned parts on multi-spindle automatic lathes.
  • Identify, verify and manage the environmental aspects of our business: it would be worthwhile to specify that the company, specialized in the production of high-precision turned components by using multi-spindle automatic lathes, is geographically located in an industrial area with low environmental impact and is easily accessible via public transportation. A&B Group aims at finalizing all efforts of the company’s workforce towards a careful management of environmental issues, thus respecting all applicable environmental laws and regulations in force while strengthening the continuous improvement aimed at prevention and reduction of the environmental impacts of our processing.