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1 January 2020

A&B makeover

The clock is ticking, time goes by but at A&B the desire for innovation and improvement grows!

Renovation work within the office area and some production departments is still ongoing but A&B not only has renewed itself in its shell and structure, but in its heart too: the machinery.

State-of-the-art machinery is crucial to meet customers’ needs and to satisfy market demand: modern and versatile machines are fundamental in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

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Thanks to the purchase of a multi-spindle machine, the IMH 32 we have increased our production capacity improving the dimensional range of production, we can now machine starting from diameters of 5 mm.

Thanks to it we are able to machine more complex components, i.e. executing double pick-up machinings: where we once needed two different machines, some specific components can now be turned with one machine only, making the whole process time-and cost effective.

At A&B we firmly believe in constant growth, research & development and we aim to production and organizational efficiency.

This year we will open A&B’s virtual doors: you will receive news and discover some interesting facts about our work every month.
We have got so many ideas, projects and stories to tell that we can’t wait to share them with you!