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4 July 2017

Computer numerical control multispindle lathe: tool for being competitive in the market of high-precision turned components

Maintaining high quality standards, especially when it is required to produce turned parts or high-precision small metal parts in large quantities, means implementing important investments such as the CNC multispindle lathe for increasing productivity.

In order to fulfil promptly the demands of our customers, as mechanical component consumers, we invested in a computer numerical control lathe “IMX 25 CNC”, which was purchased from Gwm Italia, able to complete an entire production cycle in extremely short times and equivalent to the ones reached by mechanical multispindle lathes, with the aim of achieving complex turned parts in only one process. The close connection between the mechanical part and the electronic one enables the reduction of setup time by thus guaranteeing the maximum celerity in the production of customized turned components for a wide range of applications.

This CNC multispindle lathe embraces a versatile machining concept, since it combines flexibility with a remarkable increase in productivity and in precision. The drum can take up to six work working positions and the peculiarity consists in the synchronization between X and Z axis, thus performing complex machining as high-precision small metal parts.