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20 June 2021

A&B’s new arrival

Over the last few years A&B has been investing to increase its single-spindle machinery capacity. Clearly, we haven not forgotten where we come from: as a leading manufacturer of high-run high-precision turned components, we aim at developing our production capacity among the multispindle lathe department as well.

For this reason, A&B has recently acquired a customized SCHÜTTE SF 26 and bar loader. This machine versatility is high as it can turn a wide range of measures starting from Ø 5 mm to Ø 35 mm, reaching 4500 rpm.

Among its peculiarities this machine is equipped with a hard rock basement which can absorb machining vibrations and therefore deliver better performance: machining vibration, also called chatter, is the movement between the workpiece and the cutting tool. The result of these vibrations are the typical waves over the machined surface.

These kinds of solutions help us supply better quality machining service to our clients which is our main goal and we can’t wait to share the many more that are yet to come..

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