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16 May 2020

RoHS Directive 2018/740/EU

Aluminum components and information about orders

RoHS Directive 2018/740/EU, currently in force, in Annex 6(b)-II provides that the exemption for the use of aluminium alloys containing Pb up to 0,4% ends on May 18, 2021.

Therefore starting from that date, RoHS labelled products cannot be placed on the final consumer market if they have components made of aluminium alloys with Pb higher than 0,1%, such as 2011, 6064A, 6026 standard, 6042, in addition to 2007, 2030, 6262, 6012, which already do not comply with RoHS today.

Thanks to its trusted suppliers A&B is able to machine and produce components made with the top Lead Free alloys in compliance with the RoHS directive. A&B has already been machining this type of low-lead alloys therefore it has the experience with such productions.
The alloy choice and compliance with the RoHS directive is our clients’ exclusive competence. We can help and guide our clients through the information you need, but remember that A&B is not responsible for the consequences related to this choice.We clearly are at your disposal for any information and to help you switch to Lead Free alloys!

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