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16 August 2020

Quality department complete makeover

You might be thinking: what does a cream puff have in common with a brass turned component?

Don’t worry – A&B is not switching our production into a bakery (even though you might find some sweet rolls and pastries around the office in these hard times we are living in).

Anyway, what do these things have in common than? Not much apparently, except from one thing – temperature.

Temperature is a key factor when it comes for cream preparation, which needs to be cooked at a steady temperature and must not exceed 92°. The same applies to our components… during quality check!

A&B does not cook components, but we test their dimensions. Being metal a ductile material, components dimensions are influenced by temperature changes.

In this way, temperature is a key factor in test accuracy – dimensional testing is a crucial operation and needs to be done at a steady temperature of 20° C.

Our quality department former walls and its cooling system were not allowing to keep such steady temperature – a few degrees span could influence the measuring procedure.

Another issue by testing are the vibrations coming from turning machines: the floor used to be slightly influenced by these vibrations making the testing process harder to carry out.