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15 October 2020

Precision rhymes with turning

In the automatic precision turning industry components performance and geometry must always be perfect and accurate. Depending on their function and application parts – such as bearings, spindles etc, need to produce less noise, less vibration, and have great rotating accuracy. Taking this into account it is evident how important precision processing technologies and quality controls are.

This is why this year we have acquired a new roundness-tester R100 by SM for our renovated quality department: we needed big versatility and precision on measurements for circular geometries control directly on board.

Its CNC configuration comes with a granite metrological column with reference and motorized positioning arm. This configuration allows to emphasize the cylindricity, roundness and the straightness of the detail granting a very big time saving and high flexibility.

Its high measurement volume, 160 mm table, 350 mm metrological and 115 mm R arm grants measurements on diameters until 230 mm.

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