ECOBRASS®: 994.00 €/q BRASS: 7300.0 €/t

25 November 2021

Compact, better, faster, stronger

A new machine has joined the A&B Torneria family lately: the sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathe from Citizen, the new L12 – VII with its new compact design, is now part of our single spindle lathe shop department. Thanks to its spindle speed at 15,000min, the 7-axis control and detachable guide bushing, it can machine both short and long, slender work-pieces where up until now a variety of different machines have been required.

Small series, highly complex components, sampling productions and difficult-to-cut materials, all of these can be handled by A&B Torneria machines and expertise. Today, thanks to Citizens’ latest, unique control technology LFV (low frequency vibration) this machine offers unprecedented levels of chip control and is highly effective for both small diameter drilling and machining difficult to cut materials.

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