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23 February 2016

Brass: a myth busted

Brass is commonly perceived as an alloy for architectural use, for its characteristic color, and its resemblance to gold.
Brass is certainly all of these things, but it is especially a structural material, with important features, which in many cases make it superior to other metals and materials, due to both its peculiarities and its production costs. Manufacturers of metal parts and products utilized in the most varied field shave often discovered that a precise analysis of costs vs benefits shows surprisingly that the higher cost of the raw production material is amply compensated by the costs of production, which means in the end that the same performance fromof a brass piece costs definitely less.

Let’s then try to understand the technological features and competitive advantages of thismaterial, in comparison with others that are habitually utilized.
Brass is a copper-zinc alloy with the occasional addition of other elements to achieve specific properties; it comes in a variety of semi-finished products such as sheets, strips, tubes, or solid round barsand hollowbars, section bars, and wire, mainly for machining or hot forging.