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16 August 2020

A&B’s highway to automatization

Half way through the year and here we are back again to talk about some news!

A&B opened 23 years ago with multispindle machines only. Growth and R&D have always been the aim in order to offer targeted services and solutions to satisfy our clients.

In order to reach the best results in terms of cost- and time efficiency, multi-spindle machines are the perfect choice when it comes for bigger quantity productions starting from 50k+ components up to MLN of parts produced.

But what happens when a client needs samples or a prototype for a new production? Or when the parts geometry is so complex that a multi-spindle machine is just not enough?

This is when A&B decided to be something more than jsut a simple ‘supplier’ but a consultant ready to provide a full spectrum of services to better help its clients in developing the right product. This is when the sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathe comes into play, delivering its best performances by small diameter applications. Using either standard guide bush or non-guide bush mode with simple setup of both modes, the regular guide bush can be used for long or slender parts. The non-guide bush mode can be used for short parts to save material wastage.